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    Virtual Tour

    Immerse yourself in reality

    The virtual tour allows you to simulate a visit to a site.

    Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we scan spaces in 3 dimensions.

    A flat, a house, a villa, but also museums, cultural or sports centres, hotels and restaurants, bars and discotheques (etc.), we give you the possibility to highlight your property so that your customers can visit your space from a distance.

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    Matterport technology

    It is composed of a camera and software that allow to map an interior in 3 dimensions in order to market a property, to highlight a space or to make precise measurements.

    Unlike a panoramic photo, it is really a complete 3D scan of the volumes, then a computer image processing that creates a 3D model of all the surfaces.
    This technology allows :

    A virtual navigation, in a high quality realistic reproduction of the rooms in 3 dimensions, accessible from a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer or a Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset.
    A transformation at will of the surfaces or the addition of new 3D objects with real dimensions to be able to test a decoration, for example.

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    walking 3D

    Virtual visits of non-existent properties

    We propose a new way of presenting properties in future state of completion V.E.F.A.

    Technologies are evolving, a simple 2D plan is no longer enough to project buyers.

    Professionalise your sales tools, stand out from the competition and impress your customers by showing them that you have mastered the latest technologies.

    Walking 3D immerses your buyers in their future home and will facilitate your sales!

    Enter through the main door of the building, walk through the common areas and access the interior of the flats by clicking on their front door.


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    You can benefit from our advantageous rates with our partners who specialise in all types of video production by drone.

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    We offer you photos based on the virtual tour, 4K quality or artistic photos by our qualified photographer.

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    Thanks to our space digitisation software, we can offer you plans to the nearest centimetre at very competitive rates.

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    Immersive visit : in total immersion

    The immersive visit is the best way to simulate a visit. Thanks to the 3D glasses, you will move around inside the scanned property with a high quality rendering.

    You will discover the volumes and you will walk around as if you were there. The immersive visit is a Matterport technology that has become accessible, it is becoming more and more democratic and it is very promising, particularly in the real estate field, whether for sale or rent. This new communication tool is a time saver for both buyers and sellers.

    Today it is possible to make an immersive visit of any site.

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    Example of a full immersion visit

    Visit a flat without being there is now possible! Put on your 3D glasses and dive into the virtual!

    You still have a doubt? Contact us to discuss it.

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    Our virtual tour achievements